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Primary Coating

High Elongation and Adhesion to glass 
Low modulus and Tg providing high flexibility and minimizing the potentials for production complications


● 在热水中不剥离。

● 在-40 ~ 80℃, 湿度80%中,具有长期信赖性。

● 黄变发生率低。

● 微弯损失率低。

● 在高速拉丝中,迅速硬化(1,800 m/min  生产线速度) 。


Coating Resin (P/S)

Secondary Coating

High modulus and Tg providing high protection 
The remarkable combination of flexible Primary and protective Secondary minimizes light loss and maximize durability
The lower sensitivity to micro bending is excellent for the development of special optical fibers designed to be less sensitive to bending, resulting in fewer complications during cable routing, operating, and handling

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