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Low Refractive Index Resin

EFiRON®, APC-Series

Silane Technology Super Adhesion

EFiRON® APC 系列是以佛士比亚特化的silane技术研发的产品。

EFiRON® APC APC 系列以高的粘附性和弹性系数表现出高耐热性和高耐水性的产品。

  • EFiRON® APC-373表现出比SPC-373高出4倍的玻璃粘附性。

  • EFiRON® APC-373具有比SPC-373AP(60MPa) 高出70%的2.5%弹性系数。(100MPa)


EFiRON® APC Polymer Clad Series are specially designed to have high adhesion and modulus for water/thermal resistance applications.

ROHS compliance & USP Class 6 certification issued by NAMSA


  • Low refractive index from 1.363 to 1.452
  • Formulated with newly developed silane technology
  • Application: Special Optical Fiber, High Power Fiber Laser, Fiber Recoating, PCF, POF, PMMA, LargeCore Fiber and etc

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